Thursday, May 1, 2008


Here is my latest creation that I finished on Wednesday.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Mannequin Head/Bust. She turned
out really GLITZY! I painted and then sealed a new rubber head with various
coats of protective matte varnish, in order to create her. The mannequin is
quite sturdy and won't tip over easily. She has BLACK hair and is sporting a
typical flapper hairstyle. The mannequin has big GREEN eyes with a
combination of painted-on and false eyelashes. She's wearing PINK "eye
shadow". Her cute pouty mouth is PLUM and her cheeks are soft pink. Her
dress is BLACK and SILVER. She measures approx. 18" tall and her head
circumference is approximately 21". She has small holes on the sides of her
head, enabling her to model earrings beautifully. The mannequin can be used
to display hats, wigs, jewelry, wraps, scarf's, etc.

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