Saturday, October 31, 2009

3escargots booth at Las Vegas Jewelry Show

Wow what a beautiful booth!!! And to top it off, one of my mannequins are front and center, displaying some of Nathalie's beautiful jewelry!

Thanks for looking!

"In all her Finery" Luxury boutique, Manchester, United Kingdom

Hi everyone
Here's some pictures of my mannequins in "IN ALL HER FINERY" boutique, Manchester, UK:

It is always a huge honor when a boutique owner displays my ladies in his/her boutique or shop.


Friday, October 30, 2009


Hi everyone
I still can't believe that my mannequins were featured in the Autumn 2009 issue of the "Art Doll Quarterly" magazine!!!

You can read part of the article on the following website:


My mannequins in Fanatique Boutique, Brighton,Australia

Hi everyone
I am always very proud when one of my buyers e-mails some pictures to me of my mannequins in their store. Even after all these years it never gets old.

You can read more about the boutique on the following website:
Thanks so much for looking!

My mannequins in Burlesque Boutique, Dubai

Hi everyone

I am really proud that the owner of "Burlesque", an upscale boutique in Dubai, has chosen my mannequins for his store. It was quite a challenge to paint the 24 custom mannequin heads that he ordered, because he wanted them all to resemble the runway models of the haute couture fashion shows, i.e. a lot of glitz and glamour, white faces and dark eyeshadow, etc. You can read more about "Burlesque" and see some pictures of my mannequins on the following blogs: